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Pushkin's fairy tales – July 6-8 on the Main stage

The large-scale international project of the theater is the first dramatic theater production of the world famous director Robert Wilson in Russia.

In Every Wise Man – July 2, September 10-11 on the Main stage

Egor Dmitrievich Glumov is an excellent psychologist, he craves power and knows whose palm one has to grease. Alexander Ostrovsky described the algorithm for moving from rags to riches back in the 19th century, and director Konstantin Bogomolov based his free interpretation of the life of modern bohemians on the classic's comedy.

Cabaret – September 3-6 on the Main stage

Unbridled joy before the closing of the coffin lid. The last days of the Weimar Republic. Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club as a symbol of the collapse of Germany. The musical drama directed by Evgeny Pisarev is a sharp anti-fascist statement embodied by dramatic artists.

The Broken Jug – September 13 on the Main stage

The play by Heinrich von Kleist, The Broken Jug was included in the golden fund of the German theatre. The almost Gogolian inspector Walter comes to a Dutch village of the late 18th century, and Judge Adam has to try a case, where he himself is the main perpetrator of a crime.

The Blue Blue Bird – September 16-18 on the Main stage

A fairy tale musical production for the whole family

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