29 August
7 p.m. / Театр им. Вл. Маяковского, ул. Б. Никитская, 19/13
3 September
7 p.m. / Театр им. Вл. Маяковского, ул. Б. Никитская, 19/13
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"Our Everything..." Turgenev.  Metaphysics of Love

This literary and musical composition is based on the script of the same name by Sergey Solovyov, which he created for Tatyana Drubich and Oleg Yankovsky. It tells about the close and difficult relationships of the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev and Frehch prima Pauline Viardot.

Sati Spivakova and Vladimir Koshevoy do not try to reproduce the images of Viardot and Turgenev with historical accuracy. They exist within the theatrical fantasy of director Dmitry Serdyuk. The musical solution by Fyodor Zhuravlev is based on piano works similar in spirit and atmosphere to the early films of Sergey Solovyov, as well as on the modern romantic perception of the characters and events of the mid-19th century. The performance features music by Frederic Chopin, Erik Sati, Isaac Schwartz and Leonid Desyatnikov.

The production toured the Russian cities of Tobolsk, Kostroma and Murmansk.

Премьера: Sept. 21, 2019 Продолжительность: 01 ч. 20 мин. Без антракта 16+
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