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Poor Lisa

"Collages" Desyatnikov - a special kind of - they are the melody, contemplation and reflection always take precedence over the "mandatory" for postavangardista dissonance, and the grotesque parody. Moreover, focusing on romantic archetypes, he practically does not use radical means of avant-garde musical writing. Karamzin and artful sentimentalism neoromantikov Desyatnikov in the play Poor Liza occur with surprising and bold contemporary choreography by Alla Sigalova, one of the most prominent local choreographers working in different genres. Chamber opera for two voices - soprano and tenor - Sigalova efforts turned into a novel choreography for two players, which met on a stage drama actress and singer Chulpan Hamatova Bolshoi Theatre of Russia Andrei Mercuriev

Performance - a nominee of the National Theatre Award Golden Mask (2010) in two categories:
- Best performance of contemporary dance;
- Best Actor in a ballet (Andrei Mercuriev).

Recorded music was attended by:
The Sopranos - Julia Korpacheva
Tenor - Andrei Goodwin
Voice - Vadim Nikitin

Musicians: Olesya Tertychnyi, Denis Bystrov, Vladislav Pesin, Yuri Uschapovsky, Alexei Bogorad, Taras tripoli, Alexei Ivanov, Michael Radyukevich

Премьера: April 4, 2009 Продолжительность: 00 ч. 00 мин. Без антракта